We have now created our own blend of floral, aromatic, earthy and citrus bath blended salts so you can also experience the wonderful effects on your body, mind and definitely your soul!


We use the finest natural ingredients, with plenty of organic goodness and every blend is personally handmade. Each eco-friendly refill pouch comes as 100g. You can choose from any of our eight variations. If you don't inform us which ones you would like we will send you one of each. 


Our therapeutic natural essential oil pairings with unique healing and health benefits :


 *MIND MEDITATION - Tea Tree & Lemon Verbena 
An incredible wound healer, aids indigestion and stimulates your mind.


*FIZZING FLORALS - Ylang Ylang & Lemongrass 
Excellent for stress and anxiety relieve, cleans skin pores and very good muscle relaxant.


*FANCY FRAGRANCE - English Rose & Palmarosa 
Detoxifies body, hydrates skin, reduces signs of ageing, uplifts your body.


*SUPREME SERENITY - Organic Coconut & Bergamot
Soothes and revitalizes your skin, reduces pain from headaches, calms the mind.


*NURTURED BY NATURE - Pine Needle & Thyme 
Very good decongestant, reduces body fatigue and an excellent tension reliever. 


*THE TRANQUIL TUB - Peppermint & Rosemary
Increases circulation, reduces joint inflammation, re-invigorates your body and mind.


*SLEEPY SOAK - Lavender & Neroli 
 Reduces anxiety, insomnia, tones your skin and boosts your mood.


*ESSENCE EXPLOSION - Cedarwood & Mandarin
Great for pain relief, good remedy for colds, calms emotions and allows for deep rest.


Relax, Replenish, Revitalise and Enjoy!


Happy Bathing,



Eight 100g Luxury Natural Bath Blends in Eco-Pouch

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